Curriculum Planning

Curriculum Planning

Catering for children’s age and developmental stages, we engage children in learning for developing their multi-intelligences and provide them with a versatile and meaningful learning environment. Our curriculum focuses on promoting children’s holistic development and covers a wide range of learning areas. Underpinned by the “Kindergarten Curriculum Guide”, the curriculum covers seven learning areas, namely “Spirituality”, “Physical Health and Fitness”, “Language”, “Early Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, “Self and Society”, “Arts and Creativity” and includes three essential components “Knowledge”, “Skills” and “Attitude”. It is also incorporated with religious education, life education, moral education, environment education and children’s drama, with creative activities held in mixed-gender groups. We offer learning content closely related to children’s everyday life and adopt a self-directed learning module. With a curriculum that is designed to respond to children’s developmental needs and interests, and with a range of inspirational and interesting activities, we help develop children’s learning potential and enhance their learning abilities.
The curriculum is developed around real-life themes with integrated learning content spreading out spirally to align with children’s development, interests and abilities. With the use of realia, learning settings and site visits, we enable children to learn through play, encourage them to conduct self-directed learning and help them develop an exploratory mind.

Project-based learning

We also adopt project-based learning that engages children in inquiry and discussion, research, group projects and sharing sessions. Through these activities, they can acquire hands-on experience, establish a good relationship with their peers, develop confidence, learn to have the courage to try, learn not to be afraid in the face of challenges, and foster emotional development and social skills.

English activities

A systematic English-learning programme has been designed by our English teacher. It immerses children in a happy, interactive language-rich learning environment, helping children lay a solid foundation of English learning through phonics, story-telling, nursery songs, games and hands-on activities.

Putonghua activities

Our Putonghua teacher fosters children’s interests in listening and speaking Putonghua through games, nursery songs and storytelling activities.

Religious activities

The missionary officer from Epworth Village Methodist Church provides religious education to children through morning assemblies, afternoon assemblies, sharing bible stories, singing hymns, praying and festival activities in order to introduce God to children from an early age, enable them to experience the love of God, teach them to love others as they love themselves, and nurture their spiritual growth.

Uniform Group

We founded the Anchor Lamb of The Boys’ Brigade in 2009. It is a sub-unit of the 3rd Company, The Boys’ Brigade – The Epworth Village Methodist Church.